The formulations and product performance all remain the same

Y compris tout ce dont vous avez besoin et rien de ce que vous n'avez pas! La seule différence? L'emballage coloré. Pourquoi? Ils seront plus beaux sur l'étagère de votre salle de bain ou votre sac de sport!

Plus easier to spot in the kit in a flash. Love this upgrade! 😍


For anyone in need of some style inspiration, or unsure which product is right for you, check out our how-to videos and more info on each product below.


Our best selling styling paste for structure and definition. This tub is our Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo’s go-to product when working with medium to short hair as he loves the texture it gives the hair.

Joey describes this as a mid-weight finishing paste that’s soft and creamy and easily holds damp or dry hair whilst adding texture. “It’s going to give you a nice matte finish, that little bit of texture you’re after, and good medium hold,” says Joey. Beeswax and Castor Seed Oil means you can change and tweak your style hours after styling.


Looking for defined texture, frizz control and strong all-day hold? Then our STRONG HOLD STYLING PASTE is the one for you.

The product maintains firm hold, a matte finish and texture through a blend of beeswax, castor seed oil and PVP. Apply to towel dried hair or dry hair – you want avoid applying it to wet hair because it’s water soluble and won’t give you all day hold if hair is too wet. Begin applying at the roots and work it through to the ends. Perfect for short to medium hold hair styling.


EXTRA HOLD STYLING CLAY is the product of choice for maximum 24-hour hold and a low sheen.

If you’re into outdoor activities and sport, this is the product for you as it’s going to hold all day. You’d think with a clay that it would be hard to work through but it’s not, it’s really easy. Work through starting at the roots and work it through to the ends. The beeswax and carnauba wax locks hair in place while bentonite creates a defined, matte texture. This one is best suited for short to medium hair.


Our go-to product for anyone wanting a highly groomed finish. You can apply this to wet, dry or damp hair.

Work it through roots, to the ends ensuring all the hair is covered. This pomade creates a sheen by enhancing your hair’s natural moisture and structure. Best for anyone with short, medium and long hair hair after a high shine finish wet look or a firm slicked back (groomed) hold.


Want shape with a natural shine? Look no further than our MEDIUM HOLD STYLING CREAM.

This soft, creamy, pliable styling cream is packed with carnauba wax to nourish the hair while providing a medium hold. Apply to dry, damp or wet hair. Perfect for medium or long hair to give it a soft finish, a natural sheen and medium hold.